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Oops! proxy server

Here is some about project...

Oops! is a proxy server; the main aims of its development being stable operation, service speed, main protocols support, modularity, ease at use. What is one more server for when there is already Squid? I personally was not satisfied with Squid on some points, that is was why I wished to get rid of it. And that was done.
Basic differences from Squid:

  • Each request is served by a separate thread, which allows to use all available processors on multiprocessor machine.
  • Cashed documents are stored in one or several big files. This makes it possible to remove from the operational system a load on operation with directories and to speed up access to the documents, and to use raw-devices as a storage of cashed objects either.
  • The program modular structure provides extension of its function without any change of the source code.
  • The special attention was paid to the point of providing a stable, continuous, unbreakable work, easy and simple configuration /reconfiguration. Thus, for example, the reconfiguration on the fly doesn't result in a breakaway of already established connections.