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Commerical services

The Agreement is concluded for 1-year term.

Agreement on minimal service ($150) contains:
1. Notifications of new versions.
2. Notifications about the errors found and debugged. Prime correction of critical errors, such as "hanging up" or "falling"
3. Support by e-mail comprising:
  • replies to the questions on configuration, compiling, running
  • replies to the questions on strange and incorrect program's operation.
We do not guarantee immediate debugging, however, we do guarantee our reply to your request within 48 hours.
4. Your requests related to enhancing the functional opportunities will be taken into consideration for the next releases.

Agreement on enhanced service ($250) contains all above-mentioned with the following additions/changes:
1. Your letters are considered first of all.
2. The messages on the program's incorrect or unclear behavior are accepted to consideration immediately and, in case the error is found (including uncritical errors), the operations on debugging are undertaken right away. As soon as the bug is fitted you are being sent the appropriate patch.
3. We provide you with consulting service concerning functional limits of the program, offer ways of avoiding the problems.
4. You make a real influence on inclusion priority of various capabilities into the program.

The Agreement on high priority service ($450) includes all that the Agreement "on enhanced service" includes with the following additions / changes:
1. In case you have a problem with program operation and you agree to give the developer an opportunity "to come into" your machine, we correct the error " just on the spot". As a rule, it takes from several hours to 48 hours.
2. We can make analysis of your platform and give you the recommendations for speeding up the program operation.
3. You can order the specific module on condition that you provide us with a clear technical project.